The Incas, Treasures of Peru

About This Project

With its aura of mystery, the Inca civilization evokes a world of dreams… But what do we really know about them? To uncover the secrets of the Inca Empire, its origins and its legacy, and to showcase its highly refined artistic practices, Pointe-à-Callière presents the exhibition The Incas, Treasures of Peru. From prehistory to the contemporary era, the Museum invites the public to explore the captivating world of ancient cultures of Peru through the Inca civilization, who were at once the heirs and bequeathers of some of the most fertile customs and exquisite craftsmanship in the world.

In addition to admiring the beauty and unique fauna and flora of the Andean territory, the exhibition will let you discover the rites and many skills in agriculture, ceramics, metallurgy, sculpture and weaving of different pre-Inca civilizations that all had a major influence on Inca culture. Then, at the heart of the exhibition, discover the splendour of the Incas, their social organization, and their incredible artistic achievements.

EXPOZONE provided  the fabrication and installation of most of the componants such as showcases, cabinets, special flooring, graphics and props.


Photo credit: @Nicholas Gouin / @Caroline Thibeault


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